You have to go a capital gains tax (Impuesto sobre el incremente de valor deimmuebles de naturaleza urbana (formerly Plusvalía) on. The capital gains tax is amunicipal tax that is levied on the added value of city real at the time of transfer or the acquisition of a right. Calculation the capital gains tax on the basis of the cadastral value of the land that is legally between the buying and selling elapsedtime to one in every community regardless fixed percentagethe obligation to paythe seller, though it is in Spain passed a rule to the buyer.

There is also the capital gains taxImpuesto sobre la Renta no Residentwhich is produced during real estate transfersSells a non-resident natural person has aproperty, the purchaser must withhold 3% of the purchase price as down paymentand pay the profit tax of the seller to the Tax OfficeThe buyer is liable for theamount of the property, see further below.