The Supreme Court rejected the arguments of Canarian in December of last year
Management back, the owners the tourist rental of apartments / bungalows
should prohibit.
Nothing the Canarian jurisdiction has argued against the domicile definition,
namely, that real estate on touristic land only for tourist
Rented but are never resident (with free availability),
has convinced the Supreme Court. On the contrary, it was clearly stated that this was not the case
Generality, but only a few would benefit.
This result is also due to the support of the Citizens' Initiative (PALT), which
was and is ready to tackle injustices and individual interest groups.
Thus, you can now use your property without a problem or even rent tourist. As always, we are your best contact!


 When buying a property you have the unique property transfer tax (Impuesto sobreTransmissiones Patrimoniales) pay. This is calculated from the deed given sales price and shall be collected at the Land Registry.
If your primary residence (tax residents) do not have to Gran Canaria, you need aso-called "tax representative", ie a person, the Spanish tax office for the"tangible" is if tax due on your property.
Once a year you will receive the "property tax" decision of the municipal office.The property tax is every November / December and due by the assessed valueof property is calculated.