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Entry number 341
25.05.2020, 01:13 o´clock

City: Germany
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Entry number 340
24.05.2020, 17:19 o´clock

Janet Anderso
City: ohio
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Entry number 339
23.05.2020, 03:00 o´clock

Marchelle De Klerk
City: Texas
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Entry number 338
22.05.2020, 19:28 o´clock

City: Ny
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Entry number 337
22.05.2020, 01:36 o´clock

Marcia Clifford
City: California
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Entry number 336
21.05.2020, 21:07 o´clock

City: nyc
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Entry number 335
21.05.2020, 13:33 o´clock

Monica LUCK
City: prague

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Entry number 334
21.05.2020, 07:54 o´clock

Shanika Stewart
City: USA
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Entry number 333
18.05.2020, 18:02 o´clock

Claudia Lambert
City: USA
Making a relationship testimony is something I never believed I would be writing because I never believed in any spell caster after contacting several spell casters who did not help me until I met Doctor Odunga. My name is Claudia Lambert and I am from Chicago, Illinois. Only Doctor Odunga gave me hope to live again as I have struggled with suicide thoughts over the past 4 years since my ex boyfriend left me for another woman. I was so devastated and having contacted spell casters who did not help me, I lost hope in spells and magic in the return of lost love. It was a twist of fate when a friend of mine at my work place told me about Doctor Odunga when she knew what I was going through and I emailed him and also sent him a message on Whats App. The result was 100%. In less than 3 days, my ex called me and wanted to meet me after 4 years of no contact and I was very happy. The next day he came to me and proposed to me. I am the happiest lady writing this testimony. Recommendable, I would like everyone who need help in returning your lost love or passing through marriage problems to contact Doctor Odunga at OR Whats App him at +2348167159012
Entry number 332
18.05.2020, 15:14 o´clock

Escorts in Kolkata
City: Kolkata

Entry number 331
18.05.2020, 11:18 o´clock

james eric
City: all
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Entry number 330
17.05.2020, 17:52 o´clock

Mr Lake
City: Madrid
Testimony how I end my financial worries

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Entry number 329
17.05.2020, 10:54 o´clock

Agnes Smith
City: Alaska
I am a very happy woman with the help of Lord Krish Spiritual who helped me restore my relationship with my ex husband. My name is Agnes Smith and I am from Alaska, USA. I met Lord Krish Spiritual through a testimony online and I never thought I would have my ex husband back after 4 years of separation. After my contact with his email, he told me not to worry and I would really be happy as I am now. Trusting in his words was a right decision for me. After 2 days, my ex husband called me that he wants to return back to me and live with me forever and I was very shocked. This made me believe in Lord Krish is really a very great spiritual man. Today, I am very happy to write this testimony about him and want others to testify to his power as I am currently happy in my restored marriage. Contact Lord Krish Spiritual through his email at to help you solve that relationship problems in your marriage.
Entry number 328
17.05.2020, 07:25 o´clock

noel loren
City: hanford

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Entry number 327
17.05.2020, 02:31 o´clock

City: Hackerwithin
Are you worried about repairing your credit report, Hackerwithin is a five star in my ranking. My wife had cancer in 2019 which things has been very difficult for me which I missed payments while trying to keep her alive and My credit score drop down to 543. I’m happily free from all debts including Home equity debts, Credit Card debts just after I trusted him with my funds and information, my score boost up to 800 excellent standard between 14 days.
Contact him for help ; Cell #: +1(510)9482186 your credit profile will be fixed.

entries 327 to 341 from 341
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